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Cataract Surgery

College Station Cataract Surgery

At International EyeCare, Dr. Charles Moore and his team of experienced surgeons are dedicated to providing College Station LASIK and cataract surgery patients with the treatment they need to sustain clear vision. When cataracts begin to significantly impair vision, it is important that patients seek treatment. Using the latest treatment techniques and sophisticated vision technology, the International EyeCare surgeons have helped many College Station cataract surgery patients reclaim their vision.

The goal of cataract surgery is to remove the natural lens which has become clouded and replace it with an artificial lens, also known as an intraocular lens or IOL. The IOL serves as a permanent replacement of the natural lens and can help patients sustain their vision over their lifetime. During a comprehensive consultation at our cataract surgery facility in College Station, TX, our cataract surgeons evaluate the eye and make recommendations for treatment, including discussing which type of IOL is the best option.

Most cataract surgery procedures are performed using a process called phacoemulsification, which uses ultrasonic vibrations to dissolve the proteins that have clouded the lens. Once dissolved, these pieces are suctioned out before the news lens is placed on the eye. In some instances, however, such as when the cataract is extremely dense, phacoemulsification is not an effective treatment option. Instead, our Navasota / College station cataract surgeons will remove the cataract in one piece. This requires a more substantial incision on the eye and more recovery time.

Cataract surgery is a highly effective and commonly performed procedure. At International EyeCare, our experienced surgeons work with patients to help them understand all treatment options. If you are suffering from a cataract or cataracts and would like to learn more about treatment from International EyeCare, contact our College Station, Texas practice today. We proudly serve patients from throughout Bryan, College Station and Navasota, TX. The eye doctors also treat keratoconus College Station patients.